Best London Properties With Luxury Amenities in 2023


These days it’s become more important than ever to strike that work/life balance, making sure we have the time and space to focus on health, wellness and staying active. After all, we now know that fitness and physical activity benefits us in a range of invaluable ways, including having more energy, an increased sense of self-esteem, reducing stress and sleeping better. The fact remains, however, that most of us still lead busy and demanding lives, and finding the room we need to relax and recharge is often easier said than done. As a result, it’s worth noting that many of London’s premier developments have dedicated themselves to creating a new and innovative approach, enabling residents to exercise, decompress and get the absolute most from their leisure time, seven days a week.


With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few of those living spaces that have put innovation front and centre, and who, for us, are really pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable:   

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One Bishopsgate Plaza 

The first development in The City to combine high-end apartments with a five-star hotel, One Bishopsgate Plaza has become something of a trendsetter over the course of the last few years. The first of its kind in Europe, residents have access to everything the famous Pan Pacific Hotel has to offer, whilst enjoying a range of personalised facilities, including a private lounge, bar, library and meeting room. It being part of the hotel, however, is what makes this something truly unique. A level of service and security that’s, so far, unsurpassed. 

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CGI by One Bishopsgate Plaza | Residents' Private Lounge Bar


Southbank Place 

Southbank Place is an outstanding London development that features incredible, panoramic views, whilst ensuring its residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life. What sets it apart, though, is its amazing health club and spa, which has really redefined a level of onsite care. An exemplary service that’s available to everyone who lives there, it has a sauna, steam room and vitality pool, all of which are impressive enough. However, it’s the extensive menu of progressive, meditative and ground-breaking treatments that really make it stand out. In many ways, the very pinnacle of modern luxury.

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250 City Road 

Islington has always been one of the capital’s most artistic and dynamic destinations, and 250 City Road has become part of that long and proud tradition. A thoroughly modern development, its easy-going, welcoming atmosphere undoubtedly springs from its immediate surroundings, and residents have use of a range of exceptional facilities. However, it’s the 1.9 acres of wi-fi-enabled greenspace that really impresses us. Sedate, gorgeous and impeccably crafted, it’s a tranquil space that’s helping to redefine how we live and work in the 21st century.              

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CGI by 250 Road, Carrara Tower | Residents' Gym


Principal Tower 

Principal Tower has become an iconic part of the London skyline, and at 50 storeys high, it’s not difficult to see why. Well situated in much-loved Shoreditch - generally considered one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods - residents have access to an array of excellent facilities, including a pool, spa and gym. However, renowned architects Foster and Partners wanted to create a real community atmosphere and did so by crafting a wonderful piazza in front of the building, reminiscent of something you’d find in Italy. A stylish, communal space, it’s somewhere to sit, drink coffee and make new friends. 

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South Quay Plaza 

Also designed by Fosters and Partners, South Quay Plaza is another first-class development offering remarkable views across the city and a host of outstanding facilities. It’s part of Canary Wharf, which has become a huge success story over recent years, transforming itself into a district known for its art, culture and night-life. What they’ve done at South Quay Plaza, however, is make sure residents really are part of an exclusive club. The Quay Club offers members access to meeting rooms, dining rooms and a private bar and roof terrace, taking the phrase ‘working from home’ to new and dizzying heights.     

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CGI South Quay Plaza | Residents' Pool


The Dumont 

The Dumont has a number of five-star facilities, including a ten-pin bowling and pool room, meaning residents can relax and enjoy themselves only moments from their front door. Health options like a spa and gym are also available, but what makes The Dumont such a rare find is its riverside location and the, frankly, mind-blowing views on offer. Because if London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, to be able to look out from your home and see the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and The Thames is, without doubt, a pretty exciting prospect.

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CGI The Dumont | Residents' Roof Terrace


Royal Eden Docks  

Also just a few metres from the waterfront, Royal Eden Docks is another fantastic environment designed with healthy living in mind. Featuring a gym, a 20m pool, a yoga room, a spin room and a treatment room, the big draw is surely the expansive running track on its roof. The sheer convenience of being able to jog in such quiet, private circumstances has been revelatory for many who reside there. It’s certainly a shortcut to increasing fitness levels, to say nothing of the spectacular views as you up your running game. For many, a shining example of all that’s possible.    

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