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Home Inspection

Maintain liaison with the developer and conduct a house quality review in accordance with contract standards before the house is delivered. We provide accompanying house inspection services; if you are unable to be present, we can also perform house inspections on your behalf, take house details videos, photos and other materials, communicate with you online reports, and perform inspections simultaneously.


After booking, we will continue to share the progress of the project with you and assist you to prepare all check-in procedures before handing in your room. When handing over the house, we can accompany or represent you on the new house and hand over the keys to collect the keys.

* If your property is for rent, we will arrange two or three high-quality rental agencies to carry out subsequent lease services for you to ensure that you can find the right tenant as soon as possible after the delivery, and shorten the vacancy period of the house. After booking, we will continue to share the progress of the project with you and assist you to prepare all check-in procedures before handing in your room.

Interior Design

The delivery standard of all newly built apartments in London is fine decoration. All you need to configure is the interior soft furnishings.

If you purchased your own home:
Based on your budget and requirements, we will recommend interior design and soft furnishing companies to personally customize the decoration plan for you. According to the decoration style and functional area, they will issue design plans, quotation lists and schedules.

If you purchased an investment house:
We will recommend you well-known furniture companies in the industry, they will provide cost-effective, practical and beautiful furniture for you to choose from. The furniture company will design and configure according to the space layout and functional zoning to maximize the use of indoor space. According to our experience, furniture with these characteristics not only saves resources, but also attracts high-quality tenants.

* In the UK, all interior furniture must meet certain health and safety and fire protection regulations, and the warranty period is two years.
* Within two years of the delivery, if you have any questions about the house itself, you can always contact us. Learn more about interior design and furnishing services


After accepting your lease entrustment, we will inform the property and the developer that CHBL will act as your entrusted intermediary to represent all matters concerning the lease:

  • Including valuation and lease of real estate rent;
  • Lead prospective tenants to look over the house and negotiate lease-related matters with them;
  • Review and interview tenants, such as home purchases, income sources, credit rating evaluations, recommendations, etc., to the maximum extent to ensure the durability of your house and your income security
  • Prepare rental contract and related documents;
  • Collection of deposits and rent. After deducting miscellaneous fees and management fees, you will be transferred monthly;
  • Manage tenants' move-in and move-out;
  • Handle termination or extension of rental contracts. If the house needs to be repaired, we will communicate with the tenant in a timely manner and arrange for the repair company to carry out the repair. On your current monthly bill.) We will also provide you with monthly financial reports and year-end statements so that your accountants can handle tax payments.



Crown Home Buying has an exceptional range of developments to pick from, with access to over 90 new build developments, we will organise on-site viewings or video viewings depending on your location. Once you have found your dream home our agents possess unparalleled market knowledge along with an extensive understanding of what our international and overseas clients require. Bilingualism within the team ensures that we provide excellent customer service.

Please click here for our full buying guide.


Looking to sell your home? 

We evaluate and negotiate the best price for our vendors and buyer. 

After receiving your instructions the next steps are as follows:



We offer a free consultation to obtain all the information necessary to list the property. Our fee is 2% plus VAT for Sole Selling Rights and 2.5% plus VAT for multi-agencies. A suggested date will be given for a site visit.


Property Visit

During this time, our findings will be presented to the vendor, including a price guide and unique selling points and successes we have achieved with similar developments in the area. Following up on this visit our sales coordinator will send our proposed marketing proposal along with CHBL’s Terms & Conditions and required AML. 



The marketing and production team preside over photography, videography, and property descriptions for advertising purposes.


Using our marketing expertise we keeping the buyer profile in mind, CHBL will use its broad digital exposure to showcase you on both Chinese and International platforms to reach an audience of over 19 million people to engage potential buyers and showcase the tremendous potential of your listing.


Photography and video production are a substantial part of our marketing strategy, showcasing your property in a visually engaging way is what we are good at. Promoted across 18 channels:

  • Rightmove - listed using a premium listing feature.
  • CHBL’s website.
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Little Red Book, Billi Billi, Wechat and YouTube. 


Home Staging

Home staging can contribute to maximising the value and appeal of your property making it easier for prospective home buyers to visualise the property as their future residents. With this service, Crown Home & Buying will ensure that you achieve maximum return and yield optimum sales opportunities for your property. We work with our own unique, accomplished interior designers to dress your property with tailormade/bespoke furniture, artwork, soft furnishings and/or accessories. With their in-depth understanding of interior design trends and our team's attention to detail, signature looks are created.


Crown Home Buying and Letting will:

  • Provide you will a free home staging consultation
  • Prepare an elaborate proposal presenting you with home furnishing options and styles
  • Ensure a 1-3 days installation process depending on property size and client requirements


* In the UK, all interior furniture must meet certain health and safety and fire protection regulations, and the warranty period is two years.

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