Buying Guide
Understand your purpose and budget

Before choosing a property, you need to consider the purpose of buying a house in the UK, whether it is for self-occupation or investment? If you want to buy your own home, is your child-based education or long-term living in London? Budget and completion time are also factors that need to be considered in advance to make your home purchase experience smoother and more efficient.


After initially clarifying the purpose and budget, senior real estate consultants will recommend the most suitable projects according to your needs and provide the best quality solutions to choose from.

Select properties

Knowing your budget and the purpose of buying a property, our team will prepare a handbook of selected real estate for you, including information on recommended projects, property rights, surrounding life, supporting facilities, schools, transportation and estimated rents to assist you to make decisions.


On-site viewings: If you plan to come to the UK to conduct project site inspections and select units, we will accompany the inspections and explore the surrounding environment. Video viewing: If you are not in the UK, we can take a video at the project site to let you fully understand the project information and surrounding living environment.


Some real estate prices can be negotiated with developers, but the discount rate is determined based on the demand for this development project, the type of apartment, the degree of competition between buyers, and the market conditions over the same period. After you choose a unit type and ensure that the financing arrangements for the purchase of the house are in place, we will negotiate with the developer on your behalf and try our best to get you the best discount.

Complete the booking and pay the deposit

After you have selected your favorite property, you need to make a property reservation. At the time of booking, you need to pay a deposit (5,000-10,000 pounds) to the developer, which will be automatically deducted from the down payment.

Entrust lawyers to handle house purchase

Different from buying real estate in China, buyers and sellers will not have direct contact with each other when purchasing real estate in the UK. The entire real estate transaction is conducted by the buyer and seller's lawyers, including housing qualification surveys, approval of contracts, contract exchanges and real estate funds Transfer, this is the transaction model of the mature real estate market in the United Kingdom, and also the reason why British real estate is trusted by international buyers. We can introduce you to a team of excellent and professional lawyers.

Contract Exchange

Buy properties available immediatly
The time limit for buying an existing home in the UK is short, and the entire home purchase process is generally completed within 2 months.

If you are buying in cash: After you and your lawyer are satisfied with the property survey results, you need to transfer a 10% down payment to your lawyer, who will exchange the contract with the developer's lawyer within 21 days and agree on the final delivery time (generally After 2 weeks), the remaining 90% will be paid the same way in two weeks.

If you are buying with a loan: You need to get the first bank loan before booking. The payment time is the same as above.

Buy properties available a few years later
If you are buying in cash: Unlike in the UK, buying off-the-plan properties in the UK does not require you to pay the full price when you exchange the contract. Depending on the project and time of delivery, periodical payment methods are used to purchase off-plan properties in the UK. For example: within 21 days of booking, a 10% down payment is required and the contract is exchanged, and the second payment is made within 1 to 2 years after the exchange contract. By the third payment (5-10%), the final payment (70%-80%) must be paid at the time of delivery. In this way, the pressure of currency exchange can be reduced in the short term.

If you are buying with a loan: Please start preparing the loan process 6 to 12 months before the delivery to ensure a smooth delivery.


If you need to mortgage, we can introduce you to the bank (HSBC, Bank of China London Branch, UOB, etc.), and the loan amount depends on the personal financial situation and qualifications. According to the needs of different loan banks, the materials you need to prepare will be different, such as personal tax certification, payroll and so on.

Final Steps

After paying the remaining payment, the lawyer will complete the transaction with the developer and you will be able to collect keys. After completing the transaction, the lawyer will pay stamp tax on your behalf and register your property, transferring all the rights to the house to you. Your real estate certificate will be available within 3 to 6 months.

Follow-up Service

After transaction, we also provide customers with follow-up services, including key collection, check-in and handover and house inspection, furnishing, house leasing, property management, and resale.

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