Where to Find London’s Best Flower Displays This Spring & Summer


As the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to get out and about and, as ever, London has a huge variety of ways to really celebrate the onset of spring and look ahead to summer. This is a chance to indulge yourself and enjoy the seasons by exploring the city’s incredible blooms and seek out awe-inspiring collections of daffodils, tulips and rhododendrons. At this time of year, the city comes alive and its gardens and parks are, quite simply, among the best anywhere in the world…

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There’s really nothing like the sight of daffodils to let you know spring is really sprung! For instance, the swathes of daffodils that light up St. James’ Park is a true feast for the senses and only a part of one of London’s most impressive green spaces. Over a million daffodils are planted in the city’s royal parks every year, but those in St. James’ always set the tone. There are, however, other wonderful locations that are a great place to enjoy daffodils, including, famously, Hampton Court Palace, Golders Hill Park and Green Park. A wondrous way to usher in the change in seasons. 



As spring turns into summer, Lavender begins to bloom and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Lavender season runs from June to September and is at its peak in August. Throughout London there are some great spots to see whole fields transformed by that distinct, bright purple hue and, of course, the smell is simply heavenly. Top London destinations to enjoy summer spectacle are Kennington Park, Kew Gardens and Vauxhall Park. Meanwhile, just outside the capital, Lavender farms can be discovered in Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire. A visit to any of these destinations is the ideal way to relax and decompress, far from the stresses of everyday life.   


Another spring favourite all across London are Tulips, which can be found across the capital in a range of hugely impressive locations, like just outside Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens and Regent's Park. Meanwhile, the annual Tulip Festival in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace means for just a few short weeks of the year the gardens surrounding this historic location are bright with amazing colours. Over 100,000 bulbs are planted and, when coming into bloom, the display is truly amazing. Other showcases can be found at Holland Park, Ham House and Gardens and, for anyone travelling a little more further afield, Tulleys Tulip Fest in West Sussex.



Between May and June, this charming pink and red blossom starts to bloom across the city, and there are several stunning places to catch Rhododendrons in all their glory. For instance, Rhododendrons Dell in Kew Gardens is where dense clusters of this vivid flower appear, including a range of unique hybrids that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. In Richmond Park there’s the Isabella Plantation, where a hidden patch of woodland at the edge of the park is suddenly bursting with inspirational colour. Another wonderful location to seek out Rhododendrons is Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath’s famed seventeenth-century neoclassical villa. Not to be missed!


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