The Myriad Benefits of a Coworking Space


In recent years, coworking has become increasingly popular, a positive and proactive alternative for those who used to work in coffee shops or at home. A coworking space is an environment that allows workers to share tools, services and facilities, with studies showing that 70% of participants become healthier, 68% feel they’re more focused and 64% say they complete tasks in a more timely manner. 

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The basic idea is pleasingly straightforward. Self-employed professionals and workers from different companies all congregate in the same space to perform their individual roles. Each coworking space will have a different layout or membership option, but they’re typically characterised by bring-you-own-device (BYOD) workstations, internet and printer access, kitchenettes and, in some cases, free coffee! For most, the flexibility of a coworking space is a big draw, with different offices and desk layouts providing workers with a location ideally suited to their requirements. 


As remote working becomes more and more prevalent, coworking spaces offer a great sense of community, something far less easy to achieve in the digital world. Meanwhile, developers are being encouraged to design their office space to have a beneficial effect on those who spend time there. Approaches to new designs or retro-fitted offices have been shown to improve both mental and physical health by putting the focus on natural light, air flow, green spaces and acoustics, plus ways of ensuring both privacy and interaction between occupants. 


Over the course of the last few years, many companies have had difficulty luring their staff back to the office, but improving workspaces and making them a pleasure to spend time in is making a real difference. The right set-up fosters real connection and friendship, and for many the separation between work and home actually makes life easier. Companies want a happy, healthy workforce, not just for reasons of productivity but because a shared sense of purpose and belonging benefits everyone. 


There’s no denying the future of employment is changing. Even before the pandemic, there was a growing trend for remote or hybrid working. But humans are sociable creatures, often thriving in a face-to-face setting, even if they’re not putting in five full days a week. Certainly, as coworking spaces gain in popularity they become places where workers enjoy collaboration, creativity, culture and celebration. And when space is able to successfully create that kind of atmosphere, employees are excited to choose the office over working from home.


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