Home Design Tips That Work Long-term


Designing your new home is a hugely exciting undertaking, and is, of course, a project you want to get exactly right so you can enjoy the results for years to come. It’s easy, however, to overlook certain key elements that can make all the difference as time passes. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the things to remember when crafting a living space for the ages…

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Future Proofing 

You’ll most likely be living in your new home for years, even decades, so the layout needs to have flexibility incorporated, allowing it to grow and evolve. This could mean helping to accommodate young children, aged parents and also taking care of your own needs as you get older. It also means adapting to changes in the way we work, your property’s energy efficiency and installing smart tech. You can invest in high-quality, cost-effective appliances, keep your wiring up to date and keep spaces like your kitchen easily accessible. Ultimately, this means that not only will your home always cater to your needs but it’ll increase in value. 


Home Maintenance

It’s also true that a well-maintained home is far more likely to retain its market value. By performing regular home maintenance you’ll also save yourself a lot of money on premature replacement and repair bills. When planning the design of your home, predicting the level of upkeep required in the future should influence how materials and fittings become part of the overall finish. Good maintenance also enhances the quality of your home life, promoting health and happiness, reducing the risk of accidents and extending the lifespan of your facilities and appliances. All-in-all, always worth just that extra bit of effort. 


Bring Nature Indoors

Biophilia decor is the term interior designers use to describe the practice of bringing natural elements not just into the homes, but also into offices, restaurants and other spaces. And, as we all know, nature has a wonderfully positive effect on all our well-being. Bringing nature into your home is an easy way to generate a sense of calm, creating a light and vibrant atmosphere that’s always appealing. Growing herbs on a windowsill, acquiring potted lemon or lime trees, cacti or creating terrariums are all fantastic ways of lifting the design of your home and can easily be updated whenever required.   


Storage Solutions 

A lack of storage is a common complaint for homeowners everywhere, but when designing the look of your property you can always plan for more without, for instance, losing floor space. This will need thinking about at the design stage, though, and ensuring cabinets, shelving and chests of drawers are well-placed, useful and easy on the eye is crucial. As many of us are increasingly interested in living in a clutter-free environment, finding the right balance can be difficult but not impossible. Stylish storage baskets, plug hubs to organise your cords and hanging baskets in the bathroom are just a few easy ways to keep things organised and attractive.


Preventing Water Damage and Keeping the Air Clean 

Water damage can be an expensive problem that can take a lot of time and money to fix. However, preemptive measures like a working sump pump, properly sealed windows and replacing the seals on showers, baths, toilets and sinks are all ways to prevent water damage and keep your home looking refreshed and restored. Meanwhile, clean air is a must when spending time in any interior. Good ventilation, air humidifiers, house plants and air-conditioning are all extremely useful when it comes to maintaining clean air. Additions like beeswax candles and essential oil diffusers also make a positive difference, and have the added bonus of looking great too!         



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