Unique Things To Do in London This Autumn


As the seasons change, it can feel like a fresh start, providing a new perspective on life, and encouraging us to try new things and make the absolute most of our free time. London means never being short of enriching and compelling experiences, and as we usher in the autumn there’s a variety of ways to enjoy the city to the full. 


Here, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the more original events and day trips on offer this autumn, each providing a singular take on the capital. Fascinating and out-of-the-ordinary, this is proof, if it were needed, that London remains one of the most exciting destinations anywhere in the world…   


Secret Walking Tour of Central London 

Despite the capital’s incredible transport network, it remains one of the most walkable cities in the UK, and while the landmarks of Central London are well-known, there’s a whole hidden sphere that’s undiscovered and endlessly fascinating. A long way from the traditional tourist trail, the Secret Walking Tour of Central London showcases parts of the city that are far less known, like the world’s smallest police station, an ancient water gate and London’s most suspicious hotel. The tour is atmospheric and romantic, and its guides are extremely knowledgeable, providing an insight into a rich, clandestine history that’s detailed, outrageous and a whole lot of fun.   


Regent’s Canal 

Starting at Little Venice and winding its way as far as Docklands, Regent’s Canal is, without doubt, one of London’s most picturesque and charming waterways. Once the link between Grand Junction's Canal’s Paddington branch and the River Thames, it’s since become somewhere Londoners frequent in order to decompress, get back to nature and just generally relax and enjoy themselves. Lined by small, independent coffee shops and Venetian-style boats, this remains the perfect getaway, characterised by its incredible natural beauty. Buzzy and inclusive, a stroll along Regent’s Canal can mean getting away from it all or, if you prefer, engaging with a vibrant social scene. The choice is yours.   



Highgate Cemetery

Atmospheric and thought-provoking, a visit to Highgate Cemetery is like stepping into another world, one far removed from the pressures of modern, everyday existence. Consecrated by the Bishop of London in 1839, cultural figures as far ranging as Karl Marx, George Eliot and George Michael are buried here, and visitors get to experience the calm, extraordinary atmosphere that permeates this one-of-a-kind location. Here, people take a time-out whilst basking in its unparalleled natural splendour, because for all of its incredible statues and tombs, it’s also a haven for local birds and small animals. A side of London that’s often unexplored, yet entirely enchanting.  


Richmond Park

Richmond Park is, of course, pretty spectacular no matter the time of year, but in autumn it takes on shades and colours that really are breathtaking to behold. The largest Royal Park in London, its home to 600 red and fallow deer, and to see them up close and personal is always uplifting and special. For many, early to mid-November is the best time to visit as the changing hues are vivid, bright and wholly captivating. Beloved for its open grasslands, ancient oaks and teeming wildlife, Londoners have been enjoying the park since its creation all the way back in the 17th century. The perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon, far from the madding crowd. 


Churchill War Rooms Walking Tour 

This immersive and powerful tour of Westminster and Churchill’s War Rooms is an unforgettable deep dive into formative British history. Walking through Westminster, taking in iconic sights like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, then visiting Chruchill’s subterranean War Rooms provides a remarkable insight into the life and work of the legendary prime minister. The dark days of the Blitz are brought vividly to life as you explore this incredible underground network of bunkers that functioned as war-time offices, instrumental in the allied victory. Guides are knowledgeable and meticulous, ensuring this journey into London’s past is as compelling as it is informative.        


High-Speed Boat Trip Through London 

For thrill-seekers looking to explore the capital, a high-speed boat tour along the Thames is a truly exhilarating prospect. Over the course of an hour, you’ll zoom past legendary landmarks like Shakespear’s Globe, The Shard, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, to name but a few. Meanwhile, the boat reaches speeds of 35mph, guaranteeing a pretty exciting ride! Safe and comfortable, this is taking in the city in new and original ways and is a fantastic adventure to share with friends and family alike. The crew deliver a comprehensive history of the East End docklands, ensuring a trip that’s as informative as it is riveting. A total blast! 

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