The Many Health Benefits of Living Close to Water


Here at CHBL, we offer a wide range of quiet, waterfront homes and, much like having access to a good, local greenspace, the health benefits of living close to water are simply undeniable. Of course, we’re all aware of the positive feelings associated with being near water - whether it’s spending time next to a river, lake or taking a trip to the beach - but the full extent it has on our physical and mental health remains nothing short of remarkable…

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Relaxing Your Mind 

Some describe it as an innate longing to be close to water. After all, water makes up 70% of our bodies (and the earth), which might explain this intrinsic and altogether human yearning. Meanwhile, scientific data shows that the tenor and movement of ocean waves syncs with our brain-waves, and throughout history water sounds have been used as a part of meditation. Even the sight of water is known to calm our minds, stimulating blood flow that’s excellent for our overall well-being. It also boosts creativity, staves off depression and anxiety, ultimately making us happier and more successful in just about every aspect of our lives.     


A Better Night’s Sleep 

For many of us, a good night’s sleep is a rare victory. Living in the city can also mean getting away, not closer, to nature and this too can make switching off at the end of the day a somewhat difficult prospect. But being close to water invokes a sense of connectedness, helping to put our lives in perspective, worry less and, as a result, get that great night’s sleep that so often eludes us. In fact, being near water triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, allowing you to really relax and, in due course, get the kind of sleep you need to really be at your best.


Boosts Your Immune System

Remarkable as it may sound, living near water boosts your immune system, which in turn leads to a longer life. Whilst stress breaks down the body's defenses, leaving it open to harmful bacteria and viruses, being in close proximity to water actually means being less vulnerable to disease. This is because the plants near water produce chemicals called phytoncides, and when breathed in by humans they help create more of those all important white blood-cells. Working in tandem with improvements to mood, lower stress levels and the affirmative mind-set created by being closer to nature, this is a pretty definitive long-term win!


Living On the River in London 

The Thames is London’s lifeblood, and allows those who reside here to feel part of something truly historic. These incredible estuaries support millions of people and species of wildlife, making it one of the most productive ecosystems anywhere in the world. Living on the Thames is now proven to encourage a calmer, slower pace of life, allowing communities to fully embrace the city’s dynamism, but offset that with relaxing, healthy activities like cycling, walking, swimming or jogging. To be able to explore this kind of natural beauty is a real privilege, and the benefits to our health, vitality and longevity remain, quite simply, unparalleled.    


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