What’s It Really Like to Live in a London Penthouse?


Originally born out of New York’s roaring 20s, penthouses have always been synonymous with luxurious living, incredible views and having a place to call your own far above the city. Post-war New York was swept away by rapid urban development, but also by jazz and an increasingly bohemian sensibility. As a result, these top floor domiciles - once set aside for staff - were soon in high demand, with established creatives and celebrities embracing being able to retreat to a quiet, private space, whilst having all the excitement of a great metropolis right on their doorstep.

Chelsea Creek Amenities | CGI Image by Berkeley Group


Of course, these days London rivals any international city for culture, community and all round quality-of-life. As it continues its ascension, the standard of the capital’s penthouses have kept up with demand, commanding a premium, providing residents with a unique day-to-day experience that’s both singular and dynamic. For those of us who’ve always dreamed about living in a penthouse, the good news is it really is an exceptional lifestyle choice, providing a level of satisfaction that’s rare for any homeowner. This, it seems, is primarily due to a winning combination of exclusivity, comfort and the freedom that comes from having a secluded spot to call your own. 

Chelsea Creek Amenities | CGI Image by Berkeley Group


For us, the duplex penthouse at Chelsea Creek is a first-class example of everything this type of property can achieve. For one thing, the fact it has two separate levels ensures there's enough room for everyone living there to really maximise its full potential. The design successfully incorporates flow, form and function, creating a flexible environment that reacts to the needs of its inhabitants, so whether you’re socialising or simply taking some time to yourself, the focus is always on being in harmony with your surroundings. Using colour palettes, shapes and textures, a cohesive whole is achieved, one that’s restful, inspirational and, ultimately, fashions the kind of welcoming atmosphere that makes you glad to get home at the end of a busy day.

Westwood House, 3 Bedroom Duplex Penthouse for Sale


It’s also true that a real penthouse is expected to provide quality outdoor space, something Chelsea Creek has clearly taken onboard, with an expansive terrace meaning those views can always be appreciated to the full. The development is defined by its sedate waterways and tree-lined boulevards, only moments from some of London’s best retail outlets, cafes and restaurants. Meanwhile, there’s just something endlessly romantic about being on the top floor, far above the clamour and excitement of the city, knowing it’s there when you want it, but only at a time that suits you best. Living in a penthouse might seem like an aspiration, but the reality is it also works on a purely practical level, too. A beguiling prospect for anyone seeking something just a little bit out of the ordinary.   

Westwood House, 3 Bedroom Duplex Penthouse for Sale



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