The City’s Most Desirable Boroughs


We are, of course, all different and as such have contrasting wants and needs from the neighbourhood we chose to live in. Fortunately, London is such an eclectic, diverse city you can pretty much always stake a claim somewhere that reflects, reinforces and celebrates your personality. With that in mind, here we’re going to take a look at some of the capital’s most sought after neighbourhoods, locations that, year-in-year out, remain exceptional places to call home. 


We’ve based our choices on a few different factors, including peace, security, available amenities, transport links and nearby locations. In short, the elements that ensure being able to get the absolute most from your London experience…


Isle of Dogs

Located in East London, Isle of Dogs is an outstanding riverside destination, following the curve of The Thames and featuring views across the water towards Greenwich. Hundreds of years ago it was marshlands, changing over time to become docklands crucial to the city’s survival. Like its equally appealing neighbour, Canary Wharf, it used to be dominated by mostly young professionals, but it’s since been transformed into a family-friendly community, known for it cafe culture, restaurant scene and excellent shopping. With great schools, incredible vistas and access to modern, newly built homes, its standard of living is now among the highest anywhere in the country.  

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Close to other popular areas like Westminster, Hammersmith and majestic Hyde Park, Kensington is one the capital’s more exclusive and sophisticated districts. A heady, vibrant collection of incredible architecture, colourful houses, hidden pubs and bustling shopping streets, its prestige remains undimmed by the passage of time. Granted Royal Borough status in 1901, it’s home to Kensington Palace, where Queen Elizabeth was born in 1819 and lived until her accession in 1837. Featuring world-class shopping (think The King’s Road) and phenomenal restaurants (think The Ivy or Launceston Place), Kensington is, in many ways, the very definition of stylish, cosmopolitan living. A true London classic.   

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As young, hip professionals continue to flock to East London, Hackney is often top of their list of places to call their own. Just a few short miles from Charing Cross, this is a cultural hotspot, known for its art venues and amazing food, plus a number of beautiful greenspaces like Victoria Park and Hackney Marshes. Innovative and community led, fantastic commuter links mean being able to circumnavigate the rest of the city with ease. Its schools are rated as excellent by Ofsted, whilst its nightlife is the envy of the world. Also featuring outdoor swimming, a range of fantastic markets, museums, galleries and bookshops, it’s easy to see why it’s often referred to as London’s ‘most livable’ borough.    

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For generations, Chelsea has always been a remarkable combination of culture, a sedate, village-like atmosphere and the sheer number of parks and greenspaces available to those who reside there. Located by the river in South West London, there's seemingly never been a time when it wasn’t hugely sought-after. Beginning life as a tiny Saxon village some miles from the capital, it became a fashionable place to visit as far back as the 16th century. It’s since been called home by famous figures like Mick Jagger, Oscar Wilde, Sir Richard Branson and the Beckhams. The schools are some of the highest rated in the country and, situated just a few short miles from Central London, its effortless appeal looks set to continue for some time yet.  

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Camden Town is a singular, creative and dynamic district brimming with independent shops, music stores and live music venues. Easily one of the city’s most exciting and charming destinations, it has a long history of cultural diversity, with Greek, Irish and Italian communities establishing themselves there in the 17th century. During the Victrian era, the area enjoyed significant development and expansion, with the construction of the railways turning it into an important transportation hub. Once home to Amy Winehouse and Charles Dickens, its fascinating blend of restaurants, open air markets and street art draws visitors from across the globe, keen to get a taste of this unique, vital part of London. Contemporary and inclusive.

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