Labour’s Plans For the Private Rented Sector

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Labour’s plans for the private rented sector, as outlined in their manifesto, focus on several key areas: abolishing Section 21, increasing house building and new towns, improving overall standards, and introducing a Warm Homes Plan.

Abolishment of Section 21

Labour intends to abolish Section 21 no-fault evictions immediately upon taking office. This policy would prevent landlords from evicting tenants without providing a reason, offering greater security to renters. The Renters’ Charter, introduced in September 2022 and updated in October 2023, forms the basis of this reform.

House Building and New Towns

Labour has committed to constructing 1.5 million new homes during the next parliamentary term. The focus will be on sustainable development, with a "brownfield first approach" to use previously developed industrial land. This initiative aims to address the housing shortage, as surveys indicate a significant decrease in available homes and an increase in demand.

Driving Up Standards

Labour plans to extend Awaab’s Law, originally applied to the social housing sector, to all rented properties. The law requires landlords to address health and safety hazards, such as mould and damp, within specified timeframes. This extension aims to ensure all rental homes meet higher safety and habitability standards.

Warm Homes Plan

Labour’s Warm Homes Plan aims to upgrade five million homes to meet minimum energy efficiency standards by 2030. This plan includes an additional £6.6 billion investment over the next parliament and emphasizes collaboration with the private sector to introduce low-carbon heating and home upgrades. The goal is to achieve EPC band C for all homes, improving energy efficiency and reducing bills.

Overall, Labour’s proposed reforms aim to enhance the quality, availability, and sustainability of rental housing, offering better protections and living conditions for tenants.

Sources: Goodlord, LettingAgentToday

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