The Team

Xiu Xiu Sun
Director / Founder

+44 (0) 207 903 6896

Xiu Xiu is both bilingual and extremely well-versed in every aspect of the UK property market. Her commitment to her clients means providing a wealth of knowledge and guidance unsurpassed in her field. With 16 years of expertise and ARLA certification, she’s been able to successfully create an extensive network of industry connections, ensuring those she represents receive the best possible service each and every time.

Kristina Dabrila
Lettings Director / Partner

+44 (0) 207 903 6881

With two decades of industry experience, Kristina is licensed by the ARLA and has particular insight into the UK residential rental market. With access to an extensive portfolio of high-end and corporate clients, her range of experience means getting the absolute most for those she works with, in part by making herself available through a variety of different social media platforms, including WeChat and Whatsapp.

Sales Consultant

+44 (0) 794 002 0854

Having worked extensively with some of Britain’s premier developers, Chen has cultivated a profound understanding of the current UK market. With an in-depth understanding of what buyers and investors require, his passionate, positive attitude means you’ll always be well taken care of when purchasing a property. Whether that means buying your first home or adding to your portfolio, Chen remains dedicated to providing a high-end, highly personal service for all his clientele.

Sales Coordinator

+44 (0) 753 454 3146

A welcome addition to the CHBL team, Kerong has recently come on board as Sales Coordinator, already proving herself ready and able to support the Director and Consultant with every aspect of the sales process. Kerong is an excellent communicator, facilitating her clients with consistently high levels of professionalism and courtesy. Insightful and empathic, she’s on hand to offer assistance throughout the entire purchasing process, ensuring an exceptional level of service.

Client Relations Executive

+44 (0) 749 475 6156

Positive and proactive, Emily works closely with the Lettings Team to ensure she’s always able to provide an exemplary level of support. From property management to liaising with our overseas landlords, Emily's extensive skill set means being able to facilitate her clients quickly and efficiently, providing a degree of excellence and consistency that speaks for itself.

Property Manager

+44 (0) 207 903 6881

Dovile has spent her 10-year career working in property management services and so knows how to deliver the best possible assistance. As a property manager, her professional determination to complete the job to the highest standard ensures that our tenants are always looked after. From changing light bulbs to arranging engineers no job is too big, or small. Dovile has an in-depth knowledge of our property portfolio and always wants to make sure your asset is looked after before, during and after tenancies.

Property Manager

+44 (0)79 477 44164

7 years of property management expertise for syndicates and private clients, dealing with a diverse range of assets. Michelle is dedicated to protecting and developing her clients' assets. She ensures a proactive approach to obtain the best results for both our clients and tenants.

Lettings Negotiator

+44 (0) 737 604 5672

When looking for the best possible tenant for a property, Joanna's personable and outgoing demeanour means she always leaves a positive and lasting impression. 

Property Manager

+44 (0) 796 119 0135

Andrei has experience as a Lettings negotiator for the last 2 years. He is outgoing, pragmatic, task-focused and conscientious but most notably naturally curious. Andrei is determined to provide the best experience possible for residents before, during and after their tenancy with Crown Home Lettings.

Senior Marketing Executive

+44 (0) 207 903 6881

With an in-depth understanding of the international housing market, Sonia is an expert in broadcasting key property information to Crown Home's worldwide audience. Overseeing the Chinese market, she works closely with the entire team to fully optimise online content. She also ensures our properties, tours and overall message remains the absolute industry gold standard, year after year.

Digital Marketing Associate

+44 (0) 207 903 6881

Cherise's profound knowledge of media and digital marketing allows her to manage a variety of platforms, including Rightmove. Her Bachelor of Science degree enables her to analyse the success of these platforms and effectively promote properties both internationally and in the United Kingdom for sales and lettings. Working with our marketing team, she consistently produces precise, distinct, and aesthetically superior material, ensuring that our properties reach the widest possible audience.

Digital Marketing Assistant

+44 (0) 207 903 6881

Ashley’s speciality is in following, analysing and employing current social media trends. By sharing crucial real estate knowledge on a variety of Chinese platforms, she’s been successful in allowing CHBL to comprehensively expand its overall market share. By investigating, monitoring and creating content on Chinese social media, she’s been instrumental in keeping us up-to-date and ahead of the curve.


+44 (0) 207 903 6881

Videographer Harvey is a highly-skilled camera operator. Adaptable and prolific, he’s at his happiest when pursuing the full breadth of his artistic vision. At CHBL, he’s consistently proven an ability to highlight a property's singularity, charm and appeal. Displaying an abiding passion for video creation, the content he produces for Crown Home Buying & Letting is never short of truly exceptional.