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How do you know if a letting agent is legitimate?

Letting agents in the UK ideally need to be ARLA registered, this ensures the tenant’s rental funds are protected and the letting agent is up to date on legal matters. It also means the agents have to keep their skills and experience up to date through regular training.

What does ARLA stand for?

The Association of Residential Lettings Agents. For more information on what they do, click HERE

Here at Crown Home Letting, we are registered. 

What is the best way to find a property to rent?

There are many online platforms that can help you find a home to rent. The UK's largest rental search portal is called Rightmove, alternatively looking on companies websites and social media pages is a great way to find a home.

For our Rightmove page, click HERE.

How long can I rent a property?

Tenancy agreements tend to vary from 6 months to 36 months, but this is all dependent on your personal circumstances and the agreement made between you and the landlord. 

What is a break clause and can I have one?

The break clause allows both parties to terminate the tenancy agreement prior to the official tenancy end date subject to a relevant notice is served. Tenants are able to ask for one however, this may reduce the possibility of your offer being accepted.

Can I rent a property if I am a student?

Yes! Students are always asked to pay in advance of the tenancy term or there is also an option to use a UK based guarantor. 

What is a guarantor?

This is a person other than yourself who is able to verify that they would be able to pay your rent if you were unable to. The guarantor has to co-sign the tenancy agreement. One of the main requirements for a guarantor’s annual income (before tax) must be 36 times the monthly rental price of the property. 

When I have found a property to rent, how do I secure it?

Once your offer has been accepted you’ll be asked to pay a one-week holding deposit. This will then be allocated towards your move-in funds. 

Will I encore any other charges and when am I expected to pay?

If your tenancy falls under Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) you will not encore any other charges except 5/6 weeks security deposit and your first rent instalment. This should be paid prior to the tenancy commencement however, you may be asked to pay this upon signing the tenancy agreement.

What is referencing and what do I need to provide?

You’ll be asked to complete a reference application form and to provide your personal details. You will be asked to provide documents verifying your personal, professional, residential and financial history.

Where is my security deposit held?

Under the Housing Act 2004 every landlord and letting agent is required to register a tenants deposit by placing it in an authorised deposit scheme. This ensures the deposit is protected by a verified third party and not released until both tenant and landlord agree. The most common schemes are the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and My Deposits.

If something is wrong with my apartment when living there, who do I contact?

If your property is managed by a letting agent, then you should be given the details of your Property Manager and an out of hours contact, in case of an emergency. They will be able to assist you with any issues during your tenancy. However, if your property is managed by the landlord themselves, then you will be provided with their contact details for any issues relating to the property.

What is the inventory check-in and check-out report?

At the start of each tenancy, an inventory clerk will prepare a report detailing all the items, fixtures and fittings in the property as well as their condition. At the end of the tenancy, a check out report will be created that identifies any differences. 

What should I do at the end of my tenancy?

You will be expected to ensure the property is cleaned to the same professional standard as at the start of the tenancy as well as, all items must be put back in their original positions. It is always best to refer to the inventory check-in report that you will receive at the start of your tenancy.

When should I expect my deposit back?

The agent/landlord has to notify the tenant within 10 days if they plan on making any charges from your deposit but receiving your deposit may take longer.

For further advice and guidance.

For more advice and guidance on a tenant's letting process, click HERE for the "How to rent guide".

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