Property visits and appliance checks


From our 6-monthly visits to appliance warranty checks, we understand the importance of providing a service that goes further than just finding you a tenant. 

As a landlord, when your property is occupied by a tenant, you may be wondering how it is exactly that we make sure both the apartment and tenant are being looked after and are continuing to receive the high-end service that we pride ourselves on. 

Firstly for our tenants, it is always important that if they are in a property managed by Crown Home Letting, they are able to contact us 24-hours a day if they have any maintenance issues, either through their Property Manager or the out of hours contact service that we provide, free of charge.

We also conduct a 6 monthly visit where a member of our property management team visits the home. We liaise with the tenant at a time that suits them and always try to ensure that they are in during the visit, this gives them an opportunity to speak with our team and let us know of any issues there may be. 

Whilst at the property, our team also checks your apartment and the appliances, making sure everything is in a good working condition; then making a note and arranging with contractors if anything needs to be fixed. 

If your property is brand new and is coming to the end of its 2-year warranty with the developer, on the 23rd month our property management team will go into the home and check the appliances. They will make sure that everything is in working order and if not notify you, allowing you to claim against the warranty before it runs out. 

At Crown Home Letting, one of our main focuses is that we look after both our landlords and tenants, ensuring they have an unrivalled experience like no other.

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