Take a Virtual Trip to London

Over 30 million people visit the foggy city of London every year, according to London's Tourism Industry. Tourists travel thousands of miles to discover royalty and visit places like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. They come to walk across the glass bottom floor of Tower Bridge. And travelers buy tickets months in advance to watch world-famous ballets at the Royal Opera House.

London attracts travelers interested in everything from history to art to culture and food.
While physically traveling to London is out of the question, given the current state, that doesn't mean travelers can't visit virtually. Across the city, tour guides, museum boards, art institutes, and other resources have created virtual guides so you can explore all the city has to offer. 

Start off with a walking tour to get the lay of the land.
Visit London offers a virtual map of the entire city. The tour starts at the top of the London Eye. From there, you can drop down into selected landmarks, like Big Ben or Westminster Abbey, and explore the locations from a street view. Visit London Virtual Tour

Once you're familiar with London's cityscape, head to the British Museum.
The museum, which is known for having the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies, is dedicated to human history. In the virtual tour, users will travel through 2 million years and explore how human history and culture developed.

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