CHBL Guide to Reference Checks


A reference check is a quick and easy process that simply shows you will be a suitable and trustworthy tenant. You will be required to provide proof of ID and address, proof of income, and your reference from your current/previous landlord, or your current previous/agent.


The Referencing Company We Partner With  

Goodlord is a respected and trusted third party that will verify your details. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and manage all data adhering to Data Protection rules and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Here, we’ll take you through the procedure step-by-step: 

Providing ID and Proof of Address 

First, you will need to upload your proof of ID and your address on the Goodlord platform to verify your identity. 


In England, your landlord is legally required to view and photocopy a valid form of ID.  This means a valid passport, a valid driving licence, a National Identity Card or an HM Revenue and Customs Tax Notification or Department of Work and Pensions letter.


Acceptable forms of proof of address are a driving licence showing your current address, a utility bill issued within the last three months (excluding mobile phone bills) or a council tax bill that’s valid for the current year.


You can also provide a bank, building society or credit union statement from a recognised lender, a recent HM Revenue and Customs tax notification, or confirmation from the electoral roll that a person of that name lives at that address.  


Another option is a written reference sent directly from a referee. This referee must be a bank or regulated legal professional who has advised you for the previous two years and can provide details of your current address. 


Providing ID if You are a Non-British Citizen 

If you are a non-British citizen you will need to provide a share code for your landlord or agent to prove your immigration status. They will then check this online. 


Address History 

Goodlord will need to confirm where you have been living during the past three years to help them verify your identity. If at all relevant, they will ask a previous landlord for a reference. You should let your previous landlord know the check is going to happen so as to get a faster response. You should also, as the applicant, have as much documentation as possible ready so the process can quickly take place and help you secure the property.   


Previous Landlord References  

Goodlord will contact your current landlord (or a previous one if you’re not currently renting but have been a tenant in the last three years). This is in order to obtain a reference which they will then verify.


Income Verification 

Goodlord will also seek written verification for employed, self-employed or private wealth applicants. You are required to earn 2.5 x your annual rent to pass referencing or you may require a guarantor. The referee for an employed applicant must be an employee at the same company who is in a more senior position than you. Bank statements and payslips are also useful documents to include. 


For self-employed or private wealth applicants the reference must come from a registered accountant. Alternatively, you can provide a tax return dated within the last 12 months.  

Students with no UK income will be asked to pay upfront. 


Using a Guarantor 

Seeking a guarantor is something you can do if your income does not meet the necessary criteria. Ordinarily, this will be a parent, guardian, close relative or friend who lives in the UK, and can provide proof of ID and income. To ensure they are eligible for this responsibility, they will be referenced and credit-checked themselves.   


Open Banking 

Open banking (OB) is a government-backed scheme you can use and is a secure way to share financial records from an online bank account. It’s a way for Goodlord to identify your income from employment, self-employment, pension or other sources. 


When You’ve Submitted Your Application Form

Once your application form has been submitted, Goodlord will immediately undertake a credit check. When this has been completed, they will submit their final decision.   


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