Things to do in London This Spring


It may, at times, seem a slow and protracted process, but we’re finally beginning to emerge from winter! The evidence is everywhere: the days are getting longer and brighter, there’s the blossom on the trees and the birdsong at dawn has become considerably more enthusiastic. As the seasons change, so does the great city of London, offering its visitors and residents a range of different activities and outings that are all the more accessible as the weather improves. Of course, the capital is never short of excellent ways to spend your free time at any time of year, but, come spring, the moment to get back out there is surely upon us…    

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Rooftop Gardens 

There’s nothing more satisfying than breathing the air whilst high above the hustle and bustle of daily life, and if you’re able to do this whilst enjoying a superbly mixed cocktail, then all the better. Because there’s no denying the quality of the roof gardens here in the capital. Take the London Bridge Rooftop, for instance. With incredible views, first-rate DJs and a range of superlative burgers, it’s effortlessly cool and open to all. Or, there’s the One Hundred in Shoreditch, famous for its easy-going atmosphere and bottomless Sunday brunch. But if you want to dine whilst enjoying a real bird’s eye view of the skyline, look no further than Coq D’Argent in The City. Quite simply, one of the finest rooftop gardens anywhere in town. 

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London Zoo          

London Zoo is a fantastic, informative day out for all the family. Featuring over six-hundred species of wildlife, educational talks and an important conservational narrative to explore, this is somewhere kids can learn whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is, in fact, a superb educational resource that provides an opportunity to really communicate all the good the zoo does in regard to biodiversity and animal welfare. For children, the chance to see and interact with animals is a crucial part of their development, and London Zoo is at the forefront of helping to protect endangered species and reintroduce them to the wild. 

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Kew Gardens 

At this time of year, the gardens at Kew become an awe-inspiring cornucopia of vivid, lustrous colours. For instance, as the bluebells bloom between April and May, you can walk among them as they emerge from below ground to flower and greet the sunlight. You’ll see bees, hoverflies and butterflies in rapture at this incredible display, and the effect is calming, uplifting and a real pleasure to be a part of. You can then go on to visit the wild botanic garden, which features an extraordinary range of exotic plants and living trees, spanning an incredible five-hundred-acre area. So, if you’re looking to take a time-out, this is an immersive, rejuvenating experience that’s ultimately quite unlike any other London attraction. A feast for the senses.      

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Outdoor Food Markets 

London’s food markets consistently provide the very finest produce, it’s just that, as the weather improves, you can really take your time and make a day of it. After all, there’s no question you can find street food, baked goods, meats and seafood, plus international cheeses of a quality that’s almost impossible to replicate anywhere else. 


For instance, Hackney’s Broadway Market has been doing business every Saturday since the Victorian era, and with stalls and shops lining the street, this is a verifiable foodie’s paradise. Then there’s Borough Market, famous for its one-off souvenirs and a Paella that’s to die for. Or, why not check out Brick Lane Market? Which offers incredible cuisine from around the globe, including Korean, Ethiopian, and French.

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King Charles Coronation 

Between Saturday 6th and Monday 8th May, the country will be celebrating the coronation of King Charles, and this historic occasion will be marked by hundreds of events taking place across every part of London. In short, it's an extended bank holiday, which we can all agree is no bad thing. 


On Saturday, proceedings start with The King’s Procession, as the King and the Queen Consort make their way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Millions of people are expected to line the route in what promises to be quite the spectacle. Then, on Sunday, there’s the coronation concert at Windsor Castle, featuring a series of world-famous acts being broadcast live across the globe. Meanwhile, the capital will be partying over the course of that long (hopefully sunny) weekend, so make sure you don’t miss it!       

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Music Festivals

They say Londoners really know how to cut loose, and the arrival of spring means the music festival scene starts to pick up again, with, frankly, almost too many fantastic events to choose from. The best thing to do is decide which genre suits you best and go from there. For instance, in April there’s The Brixton Disco Festival in Brixton’s Windrush Square and a range of local venues, so if you’re looking to take over the dancefloor, this is friendly, inclusive and an absolute blast.


Meanwhile, the Brick Lane Jazz Festival made its debut last year and was so successful it’s back, bigger than before, with a series of new and established acts making an appearance over three, deliriously entertaining days. Then there’s Opera Holland Park. Graced by some of the world’s finest opera singers, this legendary three-month festival guarantees a combination of music and drama that, like its surroundings, is truly breathtaking to behold.  

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