2023 Interior Design Trends


As we usher in 2023, let’s take a moment to examine the new interior design trends currently heading our way. Because experts agree: this year is shaping up to be something quite special! What’s great is that a range of fresh, incoming styles mean being able to shape the look of your property using a few simple techniques that really encapsulate your taste and personality. 


For so many of us, maximising our home’s potential is to undertake a fun, artistic challenge. The aim, of course, is to be as creative as possible, enjoy the process and ultimately get the absolute most from your living space. So, just what are the top designers saying about what’s hot in 2023? 

Cashmere Wharf


Neutral Tones Are Back

After a decade of somewhat hard greys, there's been a shift towards softer, more relaxing tones that some feel are a throwback to the 90s. The effect is a warmer atmosphere, one that's perhaps a reaction to the amount of time we all spent indoors during the pandemic. Now, the emphasis is on peace and serenity, something more earthy tones can really provide. Plums and Mustards are definitely on the agenda, part of an effort to inspire a sense of calm congeniality whilst you spend quality time at home.  

Chelsea Creek


Modern Maximalism is Changing 

Over recent years, the maximalist approach to interior design has meant, well, more. More layers of texture, print, colour and meaningful objects, all put together to create a look that can be surprising, vibrant and extremely satisfying. This year, though, there’s an updated approach happening, with a modern take on maximalism that will include, just for instance, more streamlined sculptural silhouettes, as opposed to prints and patterns. Also expect to see spaces designed around a smaller, more refined selection of art and collectables. Sculptures, in particular, are set to become all the rage.   

Lillie Square


Hand Formed Textures Are a Must

The ongoing interest in sustainability has led to an upsurge in handmade artisan homewares that have far less impact on the environment. As we become more aware of where and how we shop, a focus on living thoughtfully has really become a part of the interior design process of late. Whether it's candles, vases, bedding or lighting, many of the globe’s top brands are now creating wonderful, original homewares, but with an ethical mindset, we can all really celebrate.

One Crown Place


Convivial Seating Brings Us Together  

Post-pandemic, designers have cultivated a new era of seating specifically designed to inspire communication, inclusivity and the art of conversation. Convivial seating is, at its core, a simple idea, the focus on socialising with friends and family. It’s also been cleverly structured to ensure - due to the specific arrangements - everyone is equal, comfortable and there won’t be any sore necks from having to turn your head to address your companion! 

London Dock, Merino Gardens


Sustainability Is Paramount 

Designers are pretty much unanimous in predicting that the ongoing trend for greener, more sustainable homes is only going to accelerate in 2023. Homeowners want joy and quality of life to be reflected in their residences, and sustainability definitely plays a big part in this. Investment in solar panels and energy-efficient appliances are becoming increasingly popular, as is the use of non-toxic materials when decorating or renovating a property. 


So, as we can see from just this short list, there’s some great stuff coming our way in 2023. Overall, designers seem to be channelling a real sense of optimism, born out of feelings of togetherness, wellness and doing what’s right for the environment.


An undeniably excellent way to start the New Year! 

Oval Village / The Pinnacle
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