Area Guide: Goodman's Field - The City


An award-winning new development in Aldgate East, Goodman’s Fields is a modern seven-acre district, transformed from an old postal station into one of the capital’s premier living environments. Right on the cusp of The City of London, this is a truly dynamic part of town, known for its excellent cafes, retail and nightlife. For residents of Goodman’s Fields, there’s a real sense of community, with an array of bars, gyms and supermarkets readily available, and a vibrant, well-connected London neighbourhood just a short walk away.

In the 19th century, Aldgate was a gateway (the east gate) into the capital, leading to Whitechapel and The City of London. Nowadays, it’s a thriving, highly sought-after part of the city, the beneficiary of years of investment and regeneration. As a result, it’s become a shining example of what's possible, with amazing greenspaces, cycling, walking and jogging routes, and an outstanding range of cultural venues. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just some of what’s available only moments from Goodman's Fields: 


Tian Tian 

For anyone with even a passing interest in Asian cuisine, the Tian Tian Market is the go-to place for residents of Goodman’s Fields, especially those seeking to expand their cooking repertoire. A comprehensive range of Asian groceries is available and, with impeccable customer service, you might find yourself ready to really hone those cheffing skills! They also have an in-house saki bar and a remarkable collection of wine and spirits. Welcoming and wholly comprehensive, this has become a local favourite. 


Amazon Fresh 

Amazon Fresh is the ultimate grocery shopping experience has now officially landed, and, as you may have heard, it's quick, easy and remarkably convenient. Powered by Just Walk Out Technology, you can expect to find an expansive range of goods, including fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables and high-quality baked goods, all at extremely affordable prices. What this new tech means, however, is there are no checkouts, which means no queuing, no waiting and, most importantly, no hassle. Instead, your account is charged and you’re on your way. 21st-century food shopping at its finest. 


Curzon Cinema 

In an age of streaming, it’s still a real pleasure to go to the cinema, but having one right on your doorstep makes the experience just that little bit richer. The Curzon at Goodman’s Fields means catching all the latest films, and, once inside, you can enjoy a large, open-plan bar area, reclining seats, plus a range of tea, coffee, cake and pizza as part of their all-day menu. Veggie and vegan options are also available, as are excellent cocktails and craft beers, making the Curzon, once again, the height of modern cinema-going.


DanDan Noodle

An easy-going, consistently excellent eatery, DanDan Noodle delivers fresh noodles, finely cooked ingredients and, of course, great sake. Dishes like tender beef with rice noodles, shredded chicken noodles in soup, and a range of superb dim sum and dumplings have turned DanDan into a genuine and ongoing success. Day or night, this is relaxed, busy and fun. For us, the Gong Bao chicken is hard to beat.


Sharman Coffee Shop  

Sharman Coffee is a great place to relax, reflect and take a break from the rigours of daily life. In fact, that was always the idea, with the owners on a mission to create a space that lends itself to really slowing down, taking a moment or two to enjoy a creative, community atmosphere. Meanwhile, the menu is designed to reflect that sentiment, with a range of speciality coffees, artisanal sandwiches and some fantastic pastries. Well worth your time. 


Amber Restaurant 

For first-class Mediterranean dishes, look no further than Amber, which also delivers a  masterclass in warmth, generosity and excellent wine. The menu further combines the very best of Middle Eastern and European cuisine, and their vegetarian options have become the stuff of legend. Informal, vibrant and laid-back, breakfast and brunch are highly recommended, but expect dinner to be a thoroughly good time, too. 


Emilia's Crafted Pasta 

Emilia’s has taken traditional comfort food to the next level, with a loyal following to prove it. Their amazing pasta is hand-made each morning and cooked using traditions passed down through the generations, creating dishes that really are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the city. For instance, if a four-hour slow-cooked bechamel bolognese sounds inviting, then Emilia’s is definitely the place for you.     


Getting Around

Goodman’s Fields is well served by the Circle and Metropolitan lines, and a range of walking, jogging and cycling routes, making travel into the city and beyond fast and efficient. 


Education and Business

Universities close to Goodman’s Fields include the London Metropolitan University, the Ifs University College and the David Game College. Businesses include prominent media, financial and technology companies, keen to make use of the prime City location.

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